Leo horoscope: Personality traits, relationship compatibility, love family and forecast


The Leo horoscope for today applies to most people born during August, with personality traits allegedly obtained from the position of the stars. Astrologists state Leo signs are born from July 23 to August 22. Those born under the Leo sign have a set of particularly strong positive traits. However, these positive traits come with equally intense negative ones.

What are the personality traits of a Leo sign?

Tarot reader Kerry Ward revealed people born under Leo “the lion” have a selection of string personality types, which give way to strong weaknesses.

Writing in Cosmopolitan, she says Leos are vivacious, live extravagantly, are natural leaders, popular and protective.

Ms Ward says these strong positive traits play into equally strong weaknesses, meaning they are attention-seeking, spoilt, egomaniacal, approval-obsessed and possessive.

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Which signs are Leo most compatible with?

Leo is a ‘fire’ sign, which astrologists associate with people who are passionate and enthusiastic, with a creative streak.

Astrology dictates people under the fire sign are most compatible with others who share the element.

Leos would, therefore, get on best with their own sign, Aries and Sagittarius.

Kerry Ward says Leo signs would also get on with their opposites, the water sign of Aquarius, which provide an analytical mind to the Leo passion.

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What is the August 8 horoscope for Leo?

According to Astrology.com, Leo signs can use today as an opportunity to take risks.

Those currently in ongoing hardship can expect the “tide to turn” in their favour.

The horoscope states: “When you’re full of conviction and confidence, taking a risk isn’t so scary.”

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“If you step up and publicly disagree with someone today, you will be supported and cheered.

“More people than you expected will agree with you—it will seem as though they have been waiting for someone to put their feelings into eloquent words like yours.

“The tide is starting to turn, and you are at the helm of a glorious ship that is sailing off into a very beautiful sunset.”

The horoscope also states August 8 is “one of the most romantic days of the year” for a Leo sign.

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