Daily horoscope for June 5: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast TODAY


The Transit Moon will remain in Cancer for the whole day. So the energy will not be dynamic and conspicuously calm this Wednesday. And the middle of the working week will be concerned with emotions and family issues.

What is important with Wednesday is that the Transit Moon will make a conjunction with the planet Mars, which is also in Cancer.

Marina Stoichkova, an astrologer from MarStars, believes today’s combination is an interesting one because the moon is extremely strong in this star sign.

She said: “And Mars is particularly weak in Cancer, meaning the moon will dominate this conjunction.

“This means we might be kind of lazy when it comes to the things we need to do.

“We may procrastinate and we may find excuses, which is sadly typical l for this conjunction.”

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However believers in astrology who are emotionally triggered or motivated, may actually be more productive than usual today.

Ms Stoichkova added: “If you find the right reasons, personal or for your family, for example, then this conjunction can work well for you.

“So overall the day is more beneficial for personal matters than for work, responsibility or business.”

If it is your birthday today, you are not easily discouraged as your goals are likely to take an unexpected turn.

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As a Gemini, you are practical, yet driven, according to today’s star sign analysis.

Those born on this day can be critical thinkers that are flexible and smart.

Usually, you are insightful and can anticipate an outcome of a particular situation.

You are especially good at this because of your watchful birthday personality.

You tend to learn from experience and this quality can make you a better friend too.

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According to the June 5 horoscope, you love being a part of a group rather than engaging one on one conversation.

You can be a friendly, fun and easy-going individual.

And your love of others can make you can adaptable to most situations.

And your birthday characteristics show that although you are affectionate and warm, you retain a logical edge.

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